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Bulk products for the food industry

Food ingredients distribution

J.R SABATER’s another area of business is manufacturing and distribution of ingredients to third parties for elaboration of manufactured products.

Vinegars and products derived from vinegar as well as the products belonging to the other ranges of the business like syrups and sauces are included in these ingredients for the industry.

The major food industries place their trust in JR Sabater because we have a wide variety of vinegars, as well as we strictly comply with the standards of quality that the market requires.


Vinegar is microfiltered which ensures absence of microorganisms.

Each batch is identified with a specific key.
Traceability compliance is ensured following the regulation 178/2002.
Control of critical points, following applied legislation of HACCP.
IFS and BRC Global Standard-Food.
All our vinegars fulfill Spanish Royal Decree 2070/1993 dated 26th November, when the new technical and sanitary legislation for the production and trading of vinegars was approved.

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