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Some rules to be followed

These rules are given specifically for vinegar preserves, though they are mostly valid for all type of preserves:

• Choose fresh and quality food.

• If you want to preserve vegetables, take care to gather them at the very right time, when they are ripe but not too tender.

• Make sure vegetables are wholesome and tender; those who have their own vegetable patch will gather them in the morning, as soon as they have been bathed by the first sun rays.

• The containers to be used will be well washed and perfectly dried. When rinsing them for the last time, add some drops of vinegar or of lemon to the water to disinfect.

• As it is better to exceed in cleaning matters than to fall short, it would be appropriate to boil the containers and lids for 10 minutes and leave them to dry upside down on a kitchen towel.
To use jars of glass, ceramics or mud without varnishing (it is necessary to reject those of plastic and the metalists because the acetic acid of the vinegar could attack them).

When the covers are provided with rubber hoops, to control that they stay in good state.

Use glass, porcelain or unglazed clay jars (do not use plastic or metal jars as they might be attacked by the vinegar´s acetic acid).

If lids are equipped with rubber rings, make sure to keep them in good condition.

Choose jars (or other types of containers) of different capacities in order to adapt them to the different products; it is advisable to consume the product within a brief period of time once the container has been opened.

To take part of the preserve out of the jar, always use absolutely clean spoons, wooden if possible; any scraps of other food would favour the appearance of mould on the surface of the preservative liquid and the food could spoil.


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