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Here we are not referring to the use of vinegar as a cooking ingredient but as that special touch which is part of a housewife's little secrets and also as a solution for the elimination of those not–very-nice smells which sometimes spread all over the kitchen:

When you are boiling eggs, a bit of vinegar added to the water will help with coagulating the egg white to keep it from spreading too much.

The cooking time of pulses can be reduced by adding a little vinegar to the water.

If vinegar is added to the cooking water of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower these will be tenderer and more digestive and the strong smell they give off will be softened.

Adding some drops of aromatic vinegar to the fish cooking water will provide an exquisite aroma. Precisely in order to enhance the taste of seafood, a bit of vinegar is added to the cooking water. If you slice a raw onion and cover it with water and vinegar for some time, it will not taste so spicy. A bit of vinegar can brighten up a tasteless sauce. A cupful of milk with a teaspoonful of vinegar can be used instead of an egg (or various eggs increasing the mixture in a proportional way) when making a sponge cake.

To brighten up the aroma of strawberries or of a fruit salad, add a bit of vinegar with sugar.

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