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New product lines Merry

New products lines: sauces and syrups.

J.R. SABATER launches two new products lines: sauces and syrups.

Perfect for giving a special touch to all your dishes. Our sauces and syrups are the essential accompaniment for those with a discerning palate.

There are two types of sauces in our assortment:

Hot sauce: Ideal for dressing salads, rice, pasta, etc.

Appetizer Sauce: appetizers can’t be left out in a friends meeting. This sauce is the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of appetizers, it’s ideal for boosting the flavor and pleasantly surprising your guests.

There are four types of syrups in our range: chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, vanilla syrup and liquid caramel. Perfect for decorating all your desserts, as well as ice creams, fruits, milk shakes… The only limit is your imagination.

Our syrups are designed for giving flavor to your drinks or desserts as well a touch of life and color.

Delight your palate!

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