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Quality and environment

Quality and Environmental Policy

 As a means of ensuring its customers’ recognition and the quality of its products and services, the company emphasizes the fulfillment of a Quality and Environmental Policy.

According to all this, the principles on which J.R. SABATER, S.A. bases its Quality and Environmental Policy are: 

Creating a culture inside the organization which lets us keep ahead of our customers’ requirements, taking on the satisfaction of their prospects as our main aim.

Defining responsibilities in the organization which allow us to establish and achieve the objectives. 

Having available defined mechanisms and established responsibilities within the organization which lets us establish and achieve quality objectives.

Having available human and technical means which are necessary to ensure that the products we market are healthy, safe and high quality based on all legal, commercial, economic, social, environmental and health aspects that the organization disseminates among employees, customers and consumers. 

Involving all members of the organization in the development and continuous improvement of J.R. SABATER, S.A.’s Quality and Environmental System.
Preventing contamination by applying technical and organizational measures which will be appropriate and feasible, within the framework of their competence and their resources.

Operating in compliance with current legislation (at local, regional, nationwide, European Union, or international level) affecting its business, as well as respecting the adapted voluntary agreements and meeting our customers’ requirements.

Complying with environmental regulation affecting J.R. SABATER, as well as with other environmental requirements to which J.R. SABATER is subscribed.
Handling customers’ complaints in order to improve the quality of our products. 

J.R. SABATER’s commitment to quality and prevention of contamination in our processes is applicable to all people who are part of the company, depending on the degree of responsibility attributed to each person according to their tasks, their position or the duties they perform in the organization.

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