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Sherry Wine vinegar - 1/4 litre Glass BottleSherry Wine vinegar - 1/2 litre Glass Bottle
Sherry Wine vinegar - 1/4 litre Glass Bottle
Pack of 12 bottles.

Sherry wine vinegar Reserva , coluring: caramel E-150d, preservative: sulfur dioxide E-220


Taste: Well-balanced acidity. Varied range of different nuances in taste. Long-lasting and attractive after-taste.

Flavour: Acetic aroma with touches of mature wine and oak. Great variety of aromatic nuances.

Colour: Mahogany with amber tones.

Sherry Wine vinegar - 1/4 litre Glass Bottle

Sherry Wine vinegar Reserve

An authentic vinegar made of Sherry wine, it is aged in oak casks following the traditional Sherry's method.

The genuine taste and flavour due to years of ageing are perfectly blended for meat, cooked dish and salads.

nutritional value

Reference quantity: 100 ml
Calories: 5,40 Kcal / 22,59 kJ
Fats: 0 g
Proteins: 0,1 g
Carbohydrates: 1 g


Gluten Free Lactose Free Egg Free Nuts Free

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