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Pickled fillet anchovies

White wine vinegar Merry

1 kg of very fresh anchovies
Olive oil, flour and salt
12 garlic cloves
1 stock cube
2 bay leaves
A small thyme twig
Some oregano and some paprika


  • Clean the anchovies, sprinkle them with salt and coat them with flour.
  • Put oil in a frying pan and fry the anchovies little by little, take them out of the frying pan and set aside.
  • In the same olive oil, fry the garlic cloves (once they have been peeled), the thyme, the bay leaves and the oregano.
  • When the garlic cloves brown, add the crumbled stock cube and the paprika and immediately a quantity of vinegar similar to the half of the olive oil in the frying pan, so that the paprika does not get burned. Simmer over medium low heat for some minutes and move it away from the fire.
  • If they are going to be consumed within a couple of days, put the anchovies on an earthenware pot, pour the pickling brine and let it stand for at least 24 hours.
  • If you want to preserve them for some weeks, place the fried anchovies fillets in one or two jars and pour the pickling brine over them, taking care that they are well covered. Let them get cold and put the lids on the jars hermetically. Keep them in a cool and dry place.

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