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Strawberry Syrup - 300g. HDPE BottleStrawberry Syrup - 1,2 Kg. HDPE Bottle
Strawberry Syrup - 300g. HDPE Bottle
Pack of 12 bottles.

Glucose syrup, sugar, strawberry pulp, wáter, acid: citric acid E-330, preservative: potassium sorbate E-202, aroma, coloring: E-120, thickener: xanthan gum.


Perfect for decorating desserts like ice cream, fruit and milkshakes, as well as to prepare recipes such as cakes and pastries. Ideal to get an ideal contrast of flavors to snacks made of fried cheese.

Strawberry Syrup - 300g. HDPE Bottle

Strawberry Syrup

Delicious liquid syrup perfect for adding to a wide range of desserts, ice creams, dishes. If you mix it with milk, you will get the best strawberry milk shake.

nutritional value

Reference quantity: 100 g
Calories: 293,4 Kcal / 1247,11 kJ
Fats: 0,1 g
Proteins: 0,27 g
Carbohydrates: 72 g


Gluten Free Lactose Free Egg Free Nuts Free

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