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J.R. Sabater S.A. has been bottling vinegar since 1976, the year of its foundation. Later, in 1982, the project of building a plant for making and bottling vinegar as well as a Control Quality Laboratory was completed. The plant is situated on premises of 7500m2 in Cabezo de Torres, a village 5 kilometers from the city of Murcia.

From 1982 until the present, the company has been implementing new equipment and machinery in order to apply the latest technology in vinegar making and bottling.
All these efforts in investment and technology have made possible that J.R. Sabater S.A. has turned into a point of reference and one of the leading companies in the vinegar industry with a production capacity of 60 millions of litres.

There was another turning point in the company history in 2004, when another vinegar making and bottling plant was built in Jerez de la Frontera, as well as another fully equipped Control Quality Laboratory. In this plant a cellar for ageing vinegar with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) was also built. The cellar started ageing vinegar with 8.000 French and American oak casks.
The plant has a 5000 m2 premises in Jerez de la Frontera and it is part of Regulatory Council of wines and vinegars of Jerez de la Frontera.

The project was finished in 2007 and they bottled the first batches of Sherry Vinegar Reserva made and aged at 100% in the Vinegar Plant in Jerez de la Frontera. In 2008 J.R. Sabater began the new year obtaining the BRC and IFS accreditations. The company also started the process of implantation and certification of ISO 14001 for the environmental management in 2008.

During 2009, J.R. SABATER undertook the project of developing another range of products in line with the traditional range of vinegars. The work focused on products related to syrups and liquid caramel. This project is completed in 2010 when the most modern technology for producing balsamic glazes, syrups and liquid caramel was introduced.

In 2011 the new products which had been developed since last year were launched: chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, vanilla syrup and liquid caramel. These products are available in different formats, depending on the distribution channel.

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