The ingredient of the ingredients.

Vinegars J.R. Sabater, S.A. has a wide range of bulk products for the industry.

The main food companies place their trust in J.R. Sabater, S.A. since we strictly comply with the quality standards that the market demands.

Our scope of distribution for food covers all those manufactured products that require our ingredients for their preparation, such as: mayonnaise, sauces, precooked or prepared dishes, etc.

The use of vinegar is very extensive since it is a key ingredient for its preservative capacity and able to avoid degradation of foods such as pickles, marinated, mustard or tomato sauces.

Due to its preservative and antibacterial properties it is a product widely used in various industries. In textiles, for example, it is used to fix the colors on fabrics or to remove difficult stains. The chemical industry often uses it for cleaning materials or for manufacturing powerful cleaners due to the power to cut the grease it has. In conclusion, vinegar can be used in any medium that requires a natural acidifier.

“It is estimated that there are more than 300 different applications for vinegar”

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