The Quality Policy of J.R. Sabater, S.A. determines the principles on which its actions and decisions are based on quality, environment and prevention, appropriate to the corporate purpose of the organization as a manufacturing, packaging and marketing company for vinegars.

According to all this, J.R. Sabater, S.A. bases its Quality Policy on the following principles:

    • Create a Prevention Culture within the organization that allows anticipating the needs, assuming as main objectives:
      • The Assurance of Production.
      • Customer Satisfaction.
      • The Prevention of Pollution and Protection of the Environment.
      • Workers’ Health and Safety.
    • Create a Context of the Organization that determines:
    • Company Risks, external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and that affect its ability to achieve the expected results of its CA and MA management system.
    • The Opportunities for Improvement, the possible solutions to said risks.
    • The Corrective Actions, the actions that eliminate said Risks.
    • The Objectives, the goals or challenges that the company plans to determine its Strategic Direction.
    • Create a Steering Committee committed to:
      • The Strategic Plans of the Company.
      • The Context of the Organization.
      • The Activities, Products and Services, taking into account the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts.
    • Comply with the Legislation in Force (local, autonomous, state, community and international) that is applicable in matters of Quality, Environment and Prevention, as well as respect voluntary agreements adopted or requirements established within the company or from the clients.
    • Involve all the members of the organization in the development of the Continuous Improvement </ b> of the Quality and Environmental Management System, as well as the safety and health conditions of the workers.
    • Develop a continuous action to increase existing levels of protection.
    • Pretend the greater efficiency and professional satisfaction of its personnel through direct contact with each worker.
The commitment for quality, the environment and safety in the processes of J.R. Sabater, S.A. it extends to all the people who are part of their organization, in the degree of responsibility that affects them according to their tasks, function or position they perform in the organization and with the tasks that may be assigned to them in direct relation with the Quality, Environment and Prevention Management System.

This document is available to all interested parties and members of the organization through the bulletin boards of the facilities and the website of the company

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