Vinegar has thousands of properties for improving our health and, among them, vinegar has a unique property among all the foods in the Mediterranean diet, namely the fact that vinegar is capable of improving our mood.

Daily vinegar consumption, beneficial for our mood

Arizona State University, in its study “Daily Vinegar Ingestion Improves Depression Scores and Alters the Metabolome in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial” shows how, after daily vinegar intake, there is a substantial improvement in our mood and an increase in glycine (inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system that reduces stress and/or nervousness), serine (non-essential amino acid that produces antibodies and immoglobulin to keep our immune system healthy) and threonine (fat-reducing in the liver and promoting digestion, among other functions).

The study, carried out over four weeks, studied the impact of daily vinegar intake, with no substantial changes in dietary variables or physical activity, which leads us to believe that vinegar is conceived as an essential natural agent for our organism and, especially, for our central nervous system where moods are generated, which are improved with its daily intake.

Other benefits of a daily vinegar consumption

The daily vinegar consumption is not only good for improving our mood, it is also essential for reducing type 2 diabetes by reducing blood sugar, key to reducing cellular ageing and incredible for improving the heaviest digestions and reducing appetite, with the consequent weight loss and improvement of our body.

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