J.R.SABATER, within its corporate social responsibility department, is strongly committed to supporting the most vulnerable groups. For this reason, JR SABATER (Merry is its main brand), collaborate, since 2018, with the Asociación para la Atención de Personas con Trastornos Generalizados del Desarrollo de la Región de Murcia (ASTRADE) , of which it is “protective partner”.

JRSABATER , through this collaboration, tries to promote the knowledge of this group, promoting and trying to guarantee their welfare and their economic and social progress through all kinds of actions. So, vinegars J.R. Sabater tries to incorporate people with autism and developmental disorders into the labor market, as has happened with Quique, who started a training period in JRSABATER’s productive chain in January 2019, which helped him to join the world in the future. with all the guarantees and quality of a decent job that allows him to progress.



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